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PullmanUSA's email addresses may unknowingly have been used to forward spam, or distribute viruses or trojan horses. In light of this we will be changing the Webmaster's contact address more frequently. So that every web page at PullmanUSA does not have to be altered every time a change is made, the contact links on each page will link to this page, and the actual "mailto" links will appear only here:

Use these 5 links to contact PullmanUSA's Webmaster:

1 : Lost & Found Pets 2 : Report Fraud / Spam 3 : Broken Links / Images 4 : Content of TV Pages 5 : Comments / Suggestions / Requests

1 : Lost & Found Pets

n If you want to post a notice regarding a pet that is missing, or a pet you have found, use this link. Include as much information as possible about the pet. If you want to include a digital photo, mention that in your email and the PUSA Webmaster will contact you to arrange for the receipt of the email attachment. NOTE: The Webmaster does NOT accept attachments without prior arrangement:

Read About " My Lost Pet " and " I Found A Pet " Personalized Web Pages

Request a " My Lost Pet " Web Page - read instructions first, click here

Request a " I Found A Pet " Web Page - read instructions first, click here

List Your FREE Lost Pet Notice on e-Classifieds

View Other FREE Online Listing Services

2 : Report Fraud / Spam

n If you receive unsolicited email that appears to be from this site, use this link to contact the Webmaster. The Webmaster will not reply to your email unless you specifically request:

Report Unsolicited Email

Read the Spam Alert

3 : Broken Links / Images

n Use this link ONLY to report broken links or other problems with links and images:

Report Broken Links

4 : Content of TV Pages

n Use this link to report problems with the content of the TV pages, missing information, listings that need to be upgraded, omissions, etc (Series and Network listings):

Report Errors and Omissions

5 : Comments / Suggestions / Requests

n Use this link for any comments, questions, suggestions, or requests:

Comments, Suggestions and Requests



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