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This website has not been updated since 2005. Some sections such as "Pet Poisons & Other Hazards" still contain valuable information, but many links and time-sensitive material on other parts of the site are WAY out of date. Watch for an entirely redesigned and updated PullmanUSA website in early 2010.


Financial & Investment Calculators:

n Amortization Calculator Loan amortization calculator

n Bloomberg Currency Calculator | Currency calculator for calculating exchange rates for over 200 currencies

n Calculators for: Standard calculations (+ - * /), fractions, scientific, graphing, percent, mortgage, loan lease currency conversion, time, area, temparature, feet & inches, unit converter

n College Financing Calculators | College costs, savings, loans

n Cost-of-Living Calculator American Institute for Economic Research | Compare today's cost of living to yesterday's

n Currency Calculator | Currency conversion

n Currency Exchange Rates | Calculate the exchange rate for any two countries in the world

n Current Value of Old Money A guide with links to various calculators and tables

n FinAid Financial aid calculators | College cost projector, tuition model, savings plan designer, savings growth projector, net present value calculator, needs analysis, loan payment calculator, loan analyzer, loan comparison, student budget calculator, etc.

n Google Calculator Google | Handles fairly complex mathematical calculations

n Inflation Calculator Limited to the period between 1800-2002

n IRS Withholding Calculator U.S. Internal Revenue Service | A calculator designed to help you determine how much income tax should be withheld | Use the results to complete your Form W-4

n Loan Calculators | Mortgage, compound yield, retirement, missing loan, auto loan lease, simple loan

n Medicare Drug Benefit Calculator | Calculate beneficiary out-of-pocket costs

n Moving Calculator | Use this calculator to estimate the cost of a local or interstate move | Calculator can NOT be used for moves to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or international locations

n Mutual Fund Cost Calculator U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission | Estimate and compare the cost of owning mutual funds

n Online Loan Calculator Home and auto loans

n Salary Calculator | Compare cost of living in hundreds of U.S. cities

n Social Security Benefit Calculators U.S. Social Security Administration| Calculate potential benefit amounts

n UPS Time & Cost Calculator United Parcel Service | Allows you to determine what it will cost to ship a specific package via UPS

n USPS Domestic Postage Calculator United States Postal Service - USPS | Calculate the postage for letters, large envelopes, packages, and postcards

n USPS International Calculator United States Postal Service - USPS | Calculate international postage for letters, large envelopes, packages, and postcards

n U.S. Savings Bond Calculator Treasury Direct, U.S. Bureau of Public Debt | Find out what your bonds are worth today


Medical & Health Calculators:

n Activity Calorie Calculator FitnessJumpSite | Calculate the number of calories you burn for 158 different activities | Fitness Jump Site home page

n Alcohol & Drug Calculator U.S. Department of Health and Human Services | Calculate how much you spend on alcohol and recreational drugs per month and per year | Note that fields are too small to display the results without clicking in the field and using the left arrow to move to the beginning of the number

n American BMI Calculator National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute | A Body Mass Index Calculator

n Breast Cancer Risk Calculator

n Clinical Calculator Medical College of Wisconsin | Includes a Bayesian calculator and other medical calculators

n Healthy Body Calculator Calculates healthy body weight range, body mass index, dietary & exercise suggestions | Requires detailed personal measurement input - have tape measure and weight scale at hand

n Heart Rate Calculator Stevens Creek Software | Determine your target heart rate


Measurement Calculators:

n Automated Metric Conversion Calculators Admiral Metals | Length, area, volume, weight, temperature | Complex formulae table

n Birthday Calculator Calculates birth date from input of (a) date of death (month/day/year) and (b) age at death (exact days/months/years)

n Calculators for: Standard calculations (+ - * /), fractions, scientific, graphing, percent, mortgage, loan lease currency conversion, time, area, temparature, feet & inches, unit converter

n Marine Navigation Calculators National Geospatial Intelligence Agency | Log & trig calculator, celestial navigation calculator, conversions calculator, distance calculator, time measurements and conversions calculator, weather data conversions calculator, sailings calculator

n Time And World clock, customized clock, custom countdown clock, custom time-passed counters, monthly calendar, custom calendar


Scientific Calculators:

n Amateur Radio RF Safety Calculator Calculate radio frequency power

n Astro-Physical Calculator Calculator for figuring the velocity of light, gravitation, mass, and other science-related calculations

n Atmosphere Calculator: 1976 Standard Digital Dutch | Calculate temperature, pressue, and density based on the 1976 standard

n Compressible Aerodynamics Calculator

n Conversion of Units Institute of Chemistry, Dept of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy, FU Berlin | Calculators for converting anything, with separate calculators and formulas for temparatures and currency

n A full-featured graphing calculator for kids and professionals

n DreamCalc Pro Degrees, minutes, seconds | Shareware download

n Earth Impact Effects Calculator Estimate the regional environmental consequences of an impact on Earth by an astroid or comet | Estimates include: Ejecta distribution, ground shaking, atmospheric blast wave, and thermal effects of an impact as well as the size of the crater

n Great Circle Calculator Calculate distances between radio stations

n Moon Calculator Provides information relating to the position, age, phase, orientation, appearance, and visibility of the Moon for any given date, time and location on Earth

n Power Calculator UCLA Department of Statistics

n SafeClimate Carbon Footprint Calculator Calculate carbon dioxide emissions from major sources: home energy consumption, and transportation by car and plane

n Scientific Calculator Creative Arts | Complex Calculations

n Sun and Moon Calculator U.S. Naval Observatory | Obtain times of sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, and transit of sun and moon

n SunAngle Calculator Calculates solar angles and related information for a given location, date, and time

n Vector Calculator A simple Java applet that calculates 2-dimensional vectors, specifically: components, magnitude and direction, and vector addition | Stand-alone version for Macintosh (freeware)

n Weather Calculator Temperature, moisture, pressure, and wind calculators, and Showalter Index

n Wind Speed Calculator National Weather Service Forecast Office - El Paso | Convert knots to mph, etc


Directories & Record Searches

Phone & Address Searches:

n AnyWho AT&T | Individuals, businesses, reverse phone, international, maps, area code search, toll free number search

n Dex Quest | Residential, business, government, toll free

n SmartPages SBC | Individuals, reverse address, reverse phone, area code search, zip code search

n Switchboard Individuals, businesses, reverse phone, web search, area code search, zip code search, maps & directions

n WhitePages Individuals, businesses, reverse address, reverse phone, area code search, zip code search, bulk searches, sales leads, marketing lists


Background, Criminal History & Credit Reports:

n Get Found Web searches

n Intelius Background & criminal history reports

n Lycos People Search Individuals, web background, professional profile. alumn

n Information search: Criminal, driver's license DMV search, license plate search, vehicle DMV search, civil court, voter registration search, professional affiliation search, FAA license search, federal search (most searches not available for Washington) | Free sex offender search (not available for Washington or Idaho)

n Real property search by address/location

NOTE: More will be added to this section in the near future.


Miscellaneous Directories:

n Greek Fraternity & Sorority Directory






n Glossary of Architectural & Interior Design Terms



n Casebook: Jack the Ripper An award winning web site that attempts to study all aspects of the World's first serial killer, Jack the Ripper



n American Library Association The American Library Association is the oldest and largest library association in the world, with more than 64,000 members. Its mission is to promote the highest quality library and information services and public access to information

n Jennings School Library Colfax | Book lists, news, events

n Neill Public Library Pullman | Online catalog, periodicals, related links

n Latah County Library District Moscow | Online card Catalog, events, employment

n UI Law Library Moscow | Online catalog, exam archives, Idaho court briefs, law library info, law review, clinics, career services, student services

n University of Idaho Library Moscow | Online catalog, current journal list, e-books, WorldCat, government documents

n Washington State University Libraries Pullman | Inter-library loans, reference services, library catalogs, Griffin, digital collections, Griffin catalog, article indices & e-journals, subject resources, assistive technologies, new books, news, exhibits, events

n Whitman County Library Colfax | Online catalog, links, events, research


Online Libraries

n Questia The World's largest onlline library


Online Almanacs, Dictionaries & Reference Sources



n Afro-American Almanac Afro-American history

n Almanac of Policy Issues Comprehensive, unbiased background and links on major U.S. public policy issues | Criminal justice, culture & society, economic, education, environment, government, health, social welfare, foreign affairs and national security

n Baseball Almanac History, rosters, statistics

n The Celebrity Almanac Birth and death dates, birthplaces, clebrity given names, celebrity profiles

n Computer Almanac Interesting numbers and facts about computers

n Department of Defense Almanac The department at-a-glance, information, statistical material, organization, people, funding

n Fact Monster Online Almanac Nick Zone | For kids | Almanac, atlas, dictionary, encyclopedia

n The Farmer's Almanac Astronomy, cooking, gardening, weather

n Football Almanac | Baseball, football, basketball, hockey, etc. | Leagues, defunct leagues, pro bowl results, drafts, award winners, career milestones, college, bowl games, national champions

n NetState's State of Idaho Almanac Multiple pages of statistics, state map, geography, Idaho symbols, famous Idahonians, state profile | Find other state profiles/statistics

n Information Please Almanac Includes: Almanacs, atlas, dictionary, encyclopedia

n Los Angeles Almanac The most comprehensive Internet source for facts and statistics about Los Angeles County | L.A. news, L.A. traffic, L.A. weather, L.A. seismic activity | Related sites: Southern California Fox Squirrel page

n NetState's Washington State Almanac Multiple pages of statistics, state map, geography, Washington State symbols, famous Washingtonians, state profile | Find other state profiles/statistics

n Olympic Almanac Olympic venues, medalists, logos, mascots, torches, country abbreviations, Olympic contacts, Olympic firsts

n The Old Farmer's Almanac Astronomy, gardening, weather, this day in history, this day in weather history

n The Squirrel Almanac A guide to North American tree squirrels | Related sites: Southern California Fox Squirrel page; Squirrel Photo References Sets (photos: Grey squirrel, Red squirrel, Fox squirrel, Albino squirrel); Squirrel Place Squirrel Photo Page

n USA Today Weather Almanac U.S. city weather, national park weather, global cities weather, sunrise-sunset and time zones, links to U.S. and world weather predictions, hurricane data, Caribbean Sea winds & waves, European vacation weather planning

n World Almanac for Kids Weekly Reader | Almanac, online games


General Dictionaries & Encyclopedias:

n BBC America's British-American Slang Dictionary Browse by category and region or search for a specific word | Includes an article and examples of Cockney Rhyming Slang

n Encyclopedia Britannica Online Requires subscription | Two versions: (1) college, school, library, and business users; (2) individual & family users | PDF tour available for download

n Epicurious Food Dictionary A dictionary of more than 4,000 food-related terms and phrases

n Fact Monster Online Dictionary & Encyclopedia Nick Zone | For kids | Almanac, atlas, dictionary, encyclopedia

n Information Please Online Dictionary & Encyclopedia Includes: Almanacs, atlas, dictionary, encyclopedia

n Oxford English Dictionary Requires subscription | The most complete dictionary of the English language

n Webopedia Computer and Internet technology terms

n Wikipedia Free dictionary

n American Heritage English Language 4th Edition | Multiple dictionary search engine | General Dictionaries, thesaurus, abbreviations, glossaries, cliche's, acronyms, sysonyms, phrase dictionaries, quotations, lexicography, pronunciation and rhyming dictionaries, foreign language translator, multilingual dictionaries, industry-specific dictionaries, and word games | Specialty Dictionaries Accounting, advertising, AIDS-HIV, architecture, art, astronomy, aviation, biology, chemistry, construction, criminology, economics, engineering, finance, genealogy, geography, grammar, history, insurance, investment, law, marketing, mathematics, measures, medicine, military, physics, printing, psychology, publishing, real estate, science, sociology, sports, statistics, tools, transportation, weather, and dozens more


Computer Dictionaries & Encyclopedias:

n Computer Currents High Tech Dictionary Information Techmology | More than 7,000 high-tech terms


Legal Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

n Duhaime's Law Dictionary Legal terms

n Nolo's Legal Dictionary Topic-specific legal dictionary | Covers terms used in: wills & estate planning, retirement & eldercare, small business law, employment law, patent & trade secrets law, trademark & copyright law, internet law, real estate law, consumer law, neighbor & pet laws, landlord-tenant law, marriage law, divorce law, child custody law, debt & bankruptcy law, tax & audit laws, and immigration law


Medical Dictionaries & Encyclopedias:

n MedTerms Dictionary

n Stedman's Medical Dictionary

n WebMD ADAM Medical Encyclopedia Drugs and herbs, health, medical tests, support groups, symptoms, wellness


Reference Sources:

n Beta Codes for the ASCII Transcription of Greek

n How to Read Roman Numerals

n Earth-Moon Viewer

n FactBites What do you get if you cross a search engine with an encyclopedia?

n Find-a-Grave Virtual cemetery based on actual cemeteries (includes Pullman City Cemetery on Fairmont Road) | Biographies and photographs of celebrities and 5.6 million regular people | Leave virtual flowers, contribute digital photos, and add your own departed family members | Pet memorials welcome

n The Greek Alphabet

n HighBeam Research An online research engine for individuals, filling the gap between free search engines and high-end research services. By delivering sophisticated research tools with convenient access to the free Web, paid online services and our proprietary databases, we empower individual researchers to efficiently locate, organize and deliver answers

n Hurricane Facts Saffir-Simpson Scale, Costliest Hurricanes, Deadliest Hurricanes & Descriptions, Most Powerful Hurricanes, Atlantic Hurricane Names, Retired Atlantic Hurricane Names

n National Archives & Records Administration (NARA) An independent federal agency that preserves the nation's history and oversees the management of all federal and military records and Presidential libraries | Find federal regulations and puplic laws | Read: Charters of Freedom, Declaration of Independence, Constitution of the United States, Bill of Rights

n NationMaster Welcome to, a massive central data source and a handy way to graphically compare nations. NationMaster is a vast compilation of data from such sources as the CIA World Factbook, United Nations, World Health Organization, World Bank, World Resources Institute, UNESCO, UNICEF and OECD. Using the form above, you can generate maps and graphs on all kinds of statistics with ease.

n Oxford Reference Online Requires subscription | A huge and comprehensive resource that contains 120 dictionaries and reference titles

n Randy's Links Over 4,400 links to reference sites | Dictionary/reference links, library links, medical information links, news & opinion links, sailing links, search engine links, writing links, other links | Links have not been verified by PUSA as working nor have sites been checked for content

n The single best source for facts on the web

n Satellite Views of Earth Select from dozens of satellites: View Earth from each satellite's position

n Song Lyrics Duble Network | Song lyrics sorted by artist and album

n U.S. Statehood The Annexation of American States into the Union | Date of annexation, state abbreviation, and statehood coin release year


n Atlapedia Atlapedia Online contains full color physical maps, political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world

n Embassy World

n Google Map Search

n Map-O-Rama What MapQuest does for U.S. maps, Map-O-Rama does for the world

n MapQuest

n World War II Normandy





n Franklin Elementary Pullman WA


n Jefferson Elementary Pullman WA | Calendar, co-teach grant info


n Lincoln Middle School Pullman WA | Calendars, newsletters, lunch menu

Moscow High

n Moscow High School Moscow ID | Student info, teacher schedule, library, school events, lunch menu, reunions


n Moscow School District Moscow ID | Curriculum, test scores, human resources, job openings

Pullman High

n Pullman High School Pullman WA


n Pullman School District Pullman WA | General information, school closures, construction updates


n Sunnyside Elementary Pullman WA | Calendar, newsletter, co-teach grant info

U of I

n University of Idaho Moscow ID | Academics, athletics, alumni, webcams, employment, parking services, calendar of events


n Washington State University Pullman WA | Athletics, events, news, admission, scholarships, student life, housing, orientation, etc.





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