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Law Enforcement & Judiciary
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Local Law Enforcement Agencies

n Albion Police Department (no info)

n Latah County Sheriff 882-2216 (business), 883-2281 (fax), 522 S. Adams, PO Box 8068, Moscow ID 83843 | Press releases, most wanted, annual reports, link to Idaho's missing children

n Moscow Police Department 882-2677, Fax 882-4020, 118 E. 4th Street, Moscow ID | Administration, operations, services, campus security, FAQ, web links

n Palouse Police Department 509-878-1611, E. 120 Main Street, Palouse WA 99161 | (no info)

n Pullman Police Department 334-0802 (non-emergency crime reports & business), 911 (emergencies ONLY), 332-2249 (anonymous tip line), 260 SE Kamiaken, Pullman WA | News updates, police logs (records), noise ordinance, parking control, block watch, animal control, snow removal, winter driving

n Washington State Patrol District 4: 509-456-4101, 6403 W. Rowand Road, Spokane WA 99224-5325 | Colfax Detachment: 509-397-3600, 300 N. Mill Street, Colfax WA 99111-1826 | News, job opportunities, records & reports, traffic stop data, detachment locations, state fire marshal

n Washington State University Police Department 335-8548, Wilson Road, WSU, Pullman WA | Safety guide, crime statistics, tips, alcohol & drug policies, WSU emergency response plan, search RCWs

n Whitman County Sheriff 509-397-4341 (non-emergency crime reports), 509-397-6266 (business), PO Box 470, Colfax WA 99111-0470 | Contact info, list of services

Judiciary - Federal

n U.S. Federal Court Structure
Understanding the Federal Courts | Jurisdictions of the Federal Courts | Maps & detailed information
Federal Judicial Center | Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government for kids | Federal Court Locator Federal court opinions & rules, US Supreme Court, courts of appeal, district courts
n U.S. Supreme Court
n Appellate Courts
U.S. Court of Appeals
US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
District of Columbia Circuit
First Circuit [Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Puerto Rico]
Second Circuit [Connecticut, New York, Vermont]
Third Circuit [Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virgin Islands]
Fourth Circuit [Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia
Fifth Circuit [Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas]
Sixth Circuit [Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee]
Seventh Circuit [ Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin]
Eighth Circuit [ Arkansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota]
Ninth Circuit [ Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands]
Tenth Circuit [Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, Wyoming
Eleventh Circuit [ Alabama, Florida, Georgia]
n Trial Courts
U.S. District Courts
94 Judicial Districts - Maps & detailed information
U.S. Bankruptcy Court
U.S. Court of International Trade & Customs
U.S. Court of Federal Claims
Federal Courts Outside the Judicial Branch: US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, US Court of Appeals for Veterans, U.S. Tax Court, Administrative Agencies and Boards

n Department of Justice Civil Rights Division | Housing & Civil Enforcement Section | Fair Housing Act | DOJ Organizational Chart

n U.S. Supreme Court About, docket, oral arguments, court rules, opinions

Judiciary - Idaho

n Idaho State District Courts ID | Departments, committees & resources, employment | Links to local court assistance office and state court assistance office

n Latah County Courthouse 882-8580, 800-691-2012 (Juliaetta, Kendrick & Troy only), 883-2280 (fax), 522 S. Adams, Moscow ID 83843 | Map to Latah County Courthouse

n U.S. Courts - District of Idaho District court, bankruptcy court | Attorney resources, case files, calendars, community outreach, forms, juror info, publications, rules, contact info

Judiciary - Washington

n Albion Municipal Court 332-8001 (judge), 332-5095 (clerk), 3rd and F Streets, PO Box 38, Albion WA 99102-0038 | Map

n Colfax Municipal Court 509-397-3861, 509-397-3044 (fax), 509-397-3861 (administrator), 400 N. Mills Street, PO Box 229, Colfax WA 99111-0229 | Map

n Colton Municipal Court 509-229-3887, 509-229-3887 (judge), 509-229-3887 (clerk), 706 Broadway, PO Box 157, Colton WA 99113-0157 | Map

n Uniontown Municipal Court 509-229-3805 (judge), 509-229-3805 (clerk), City Hall, PO Box 87, Uniontown WA 99179-0087 | Map

n U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Eastern District of Washington Department of Justice | Bankruptcy info, case filings, forms, hearing calendars, job listings, mediation program, notice & hearing info, electronic filing system (PACER and RACER), electronic court records, monthly filing reports, judicial opinions, etc.

n U.S. District Court - Eastern District of Washington Calendars, rules, access electronic records, attorneys

n Washington State Court of Appeals Districts 1 (Seattle), 2 (Tacoma), and 3 (Spokane)

n Washington Courts Access to all court and court-related sites | List of courts, court opinions, state law library, education resources, employment | tribal courts, dispute resolution centers

n Washington State Supreme Court Contact information

n Whitman County Clerk 509-397-6240, 509-397-3546 (fax), 404 N. Main Street, Colfax WA 99111-0390, eMail: | Map

n Whitman County Courts Superior court, juvenile court, district court, municipal courts | Contact information, maps

n Whitman County District Court 509-397-6260, 400 N. Main Street, PO Box 230, Colfax WA 99111-0230 | Map

n Whitman County District Court - Pullman Branch 332-2065, 325 SE Paradise Street, Pullman WA 99163-2631 | Map

n Whitman County Juvenile Court 509-397-6246, 509-397-6246 (administrator), 509-299-7733 (detention manager), 400 N. Main Street, PO Box 598, Colfax WA 99111-0598 | Map | Martin Hall map

n Whitman County Probation Office 509- 397-6265, 509-397-6265 (probation officers), 509-397-5594 (fax), 404 N. Main Street, PO Box 230, Colfax WA 99111-0230 | Map

n Whitman County Superior Court 509-397-6244, 509-397-5591 (fax), PO Box 679, Colfax WA 99111 | Purpose, mission statement, links

Crime & Forensics

n Amityville NY Murders Amityville Horror Truth Web Site | The Amityville Horror Official Web Site | The Amityville Horror movie

n Scary Forensic Facts Source: CNN Presents: Reasonable Doubt (documentary)

Fingerprint matching used by law enforcement is subject to human error, and can and does result in mis-identification of suspects. Most jurisdictions do NOT require that fingerprint analysts be certified. A fingerprint analyst does NOT have to be certified in order to testify as an expert in court

Only 3 states (including New York) require crime lab accreditation. In the rest of the nation, crime labs can be set-up and operated by anyone with business cards and the money for equipment. There is NO certification process in place to guarantee that lab analysts, practices and proceedures employ sound scientific methods and knowledge

Contrary to the belief of some crime labs, the science of comparing the chemical profile of bullets in order to determine specific manufacturers, manufacturer lots, dates, and boxes has been found to inaccurate and untrustworthy. The chemical composition of even a single batch of the iron used in bullets can be inconsistent. The FBI crime lab has recently stopped using this method of testing

There is NO certification process in place for hair analysts. Hair analysis is often performed by uncertified lab analysts and their results are often flawed.

Driving Laws

n Driving & Parking in Pullman Highlights of state laws and City ordinances, warnings, FAQs

n Washington Driver Guide Washington State Department of Licensing Entire content of driver guide, foreign driver guides, commercial driver guide, motorcycle manual, online practice test, office locations, FAQ, fees

Missing Children

n Amber Alert is the Web's Amber Alert system

n National Center for Missing & Exploited Children A national database of missing children

Sex Offenders Programs

n Family Watch Dog Find out if sex offenders live in your neighborhood

n The Washington State Sex Offender Information Center The information contained within the Washington State Sex Offender Information Center has been provided to the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs (WASPC) by the Washington State Patrol (WSP) and is based upon the last notification received from the local jurisdiction. The information contained within this site is made available for the purpose of providing the public information concerning Level II and III Registered Sex Offenders who may reside in their area | Information regarding Whitman County offendersis not reflected on this site

Law Enforcement Resources

n Police and Scanning Info

n Police Codes

n Scanner Master

n CopNet CopNet Radio and other law enforcement resources and links




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