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Consumer Information
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n Autopedia A comprohensive Internet source for transportation-related information. Loan calculators, recall information, crash test results, news. Subjects cover autos, boats, trucks, minivans, motorcycles, RV's and SUV's

n The Center for Auto Safety Consumer's Union Auto recalls, news, defect alerts, lemon laws, fuel economy, complaints

n The Consumer Task Force for Automotive Issues A non-profit organization founded by Ralph Nader and Remar Sutton | Covers issues including car dealer's "Mandatory Binding Arbitration Agreement"

n Don't Get Taken Every Time The ultimate guide to buying or leasing a car, in the showroom or on the Internet

n Fuel Cost Calculator AAA | Retail gasoline price trip calculator

n NBC Dateline Hidden Camera Investigation: Car Sales: Tricks of the Trade

n Vehicle Licensing allows you to renew your vehicle license, and report the sale of your vehicle online. | Online forms, FAQs, and list of required documentation

Consumer Protection

n Consumer Action Center Exposing credit and credit counseling scams, banking scams, travel hazards, nursing home and senior scams. Providing investment advice

n Identity Theft Resource Center 858-693-7935 | PO Box 26833, San Diego CA 92196, [include city & state in correspondence] | The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), is a nonprofit, nationally respected program dedicated exclusively to identity theft It provides consumer and victim support and advises governmental agencies, legislators and companies about this evolving and growing crime

n Credit Report The U.S. Congress has mandated that all U.S. citizens receive a FREE credit report every year from each of the the three credit reporting agencies | WARNING: Other services may be offered at cost. You are NOT obligated to subscribe to any other service in order to take advantage of this opportunity

n MacWizard's Fraud, Scams & Hoaxes Determine whether the rumor you heard is true, or the email you received is scam or hoax | MacWizard's site is primarily for client support, but the public is welcome to browse the FS&H portion of the site | Selecting from Contents takes you to Index, selecting Index takes you to content, selecting content titles takes you to off-site reports and investigations for expanded information

n National Fraud Information Center Telemarketing fraud, Internet fraud, business scams, elder fraud, identity theft | News, online complaint form

n NBC Dateline Hidden Camera Investigation: ATM Fraud: Banking on Your Money

n NBC Dateline Hidden Camera Investigation: Dirty Dining 2005 2005 Best to Worse List [# of critical violations per 100 inspections]: #1-Jack in the Box [45], #2-Taco Bell [62], #3-Wendy's [84], #4-Subway [98], #4-Dairy Queen [98], #5-KFC [102], #6-Burger King [111], #7-Arby's [115], #8-Hardee's [118], #9-McDonald's [126]


n Providing investment advice and consumer protection information

n Statute of limitations for debt, credit laws, glossary, how to deal with credit problems, text of Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

n MSN Money: CNBC Decision Centers Best Deals on Four Wheels | Debt Evaluation Calculator | Find Deals Online | Learn to Buget | Manage Debt | Money Saving Strategy Guide | Savings Calculator | Travel For Less

In the case of rental units, neither landlords nor property management companies provide coverage for rentor's personal property in case of loss or damage. For homeowner-housemate arrangements homeowner's insurance does not provide coverage for housemate's personal property in case of loss or damage.

n AAA Renter's Insurance Request insurance information using their online form, or call 877-222-4678

n WSU Student Property Insurance Plan Information on how WSU students can obtain renter's insurance. Link to Fidelity Insurance Borkers

Product Recalls

n A service of 7 government agencies that provides current product safety recalls and a way to report dangerous products. Agencies include: Consumer & Product Safety Commission, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), the United States Coast Guard, Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Product lines included: Consumer products, motor vehicles, boats, food, medicines, cosmetics, environmental products.





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