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Hoaxes & Myths

Malicious Code Hoaxes

View Latest 10 Virus Hoaxes - This is a real-time list of virus, trojan horse, and worm hoaxes that links directly to's database. Clicking on this link will open a page from the Malicious Code Alert Center in a new window (to return to this page, close that window).

All Seeing Eye Virus Hoax - Alias: "We Are Watching You", subject: "Serious Virus Warning". This is a hoax.

AOL4Free - Lead-in: "Virus Alert, Don't Open e-Mail Noting 'AOL4Free'". The name refers to 3 different sets of code, (a) a bogus virus warning, (b) a very real trojan horse that deletes all the files on your hard drive while promising access to AOL, and (c) a Macintosh-based program for gaining fraudulent AOL accounts. All 3 are discussed at CIAC. This may be a hoax OR a trojan horse affecting DOS OR a hacking tool for Macintosh.

It Takes Guts to Say Jesus Hoax - Lead-in: "If you receive an email titled 'It Takes Guts to Say 'Jesus', DO NOT OPEN IT". This is a hoax.

NOTE: Viruses can't be spread by basic ASCII email (the way inwhich this hoax is disseminated). eMail ".exe" attachments and email with embedded HTML code (email that contains graphics, animation, and links) CAN contain virus code. This is a hoax.

Family Pictures - Lead-in: "Do Not Open 'New Pictures of Family' ". details this hoax. This is a hoax.

JDBGMGR.exe - This hoax claims that a virus named JDBGMGR.exe is transmitted through Messenger and the address book of Outlook. The virus (with an icon of a bear) is supposedly not detectable by either Norton or McAfee. It's claimed that the virus lays dormant for 14 days or more then destroys the eintire system. This is a hoax. The file that the hoax wants you to delete is a Java Debug Manager program used by the MS Java runtime engine. This file is included as part of a standard Windows installation and is not a virus. Only Java developers need this file, so don't be concerned if you've deleted it. On the other hand, if you are a developer, Windows 2000 and Windows ME include a Windows File Protection (WFP) feature that will recover this file if it is deleted. Those with other versions of Windows will need to reinstall the Microsoft Virtual Machine (VM) component... but it might take a bit of leg work.

Microsoft weighs in on this hoax.

SULFNBK.exe - This hoax claims that the SULFNBK.exe file on your "C" drive is a virus and should be deleted. The hoax claims that neither Norton or McAfee can detect it. This is a hoax. The SULFNBK.exe file is a standard component of Windows 95 and Windows 98 operating systems, a program used to restore long filenames. Do NOT delete this program unless a virus protection program has scanned this file and declared it to be infected. In the past, the SULFNBK.exe file was one of the files that the W32/Magistr.a@mm used as a means of transmission. Deleting this file will interfere with the normal functioning of the computer, but may not be a real problem. If you have already deleted this file by mistake, or need to by order of a virus protection program, check the Microsoft Product Support web site for reinstallation help. Read Symantec's discussion of this Hoax.






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