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Hoaxes & Myths

Manipulation & Trickery

For the most part these are harmless tricks.

Click on the title to see the complete hoax text, a description, brief history, reporting date in a new browser window. In many cases, the hoax description site may also include reactions from hoax subjects, an extensive history, and provide links to additional analysis and interviews.


Online Psychic - This amazing online psychic, recently in the form of The Flash Mind Reader, claims to read your mind and identify which symbol you selected from a list of many choices. This is a trick. Before you get worried that the computer is actually reading your mind, you need to understand that this is a simple case of manipulating the visitor with a mathematical formula. Note that although the symbols change with each attempt, the number you arrive at after you complete your calculations will always be a multiple of nine - thus the symbol will always be predictable (if you do a little math prior to following the instructions). has a very thorough discussion of this updated parlor trick on their web site, including a complete dissection of the formula.



MacWizard > Frauds, Scams & Hoaxes Home > Contents & Index > Hoaxes & Myths > Manipulation & Trickery


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