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A to Z List of Common Virus Hoaxes - Selected sites offering listings of computer virus hoaxes by name. - HOME PAGE. This is one of the most comprehensive sites on the web. Here you can find a discussion of almost any subject you care to name. Also an excellent source of information on real viruses, virus hoaxes, netlore and hoaxes. Unfortunately lots of pop-up, and pop-behind ads, some even full screen.

Anti-Virus Facts - A compendium of anti-virus facts.

Aniti-Virus Online - Virus alerts, tutorials, virus lists and archives.

General Virus Hoax Information - Find out more about computer virus hoaxes - what they are, where they come from, how to cope with them.

Hoax Encyclopedia - Guide Mary Landesman provides a comprehensive list of known hoaxes (and virus hoaxes), and offers to do research if you can't find the info you're looking for. This would seem to be the first stop when doing your own research on that questionable email you received this morning from that conspiracy-theory-laden friend across town... (you know who you are).

Information and Help for Real Viruses - Resources for understanding and coping with viruses and other security threats.

Internet / Network Security - Links to pages discussing: Cyberterrorism, encryption apps, general FAQs, hacking reference, Linux firewalls, Linux security, Macintosh security, Mac security apps, NT firewalls, UNIX security apps, Viruses, Windows firewalls, Windows security, WinXP security, etc.

Urban Legends and Folklore - A multitude of links to feature articles, FAQs and basic information about urban legends (2 pages of links). Three of the links are: "About: Archive of Urban Legends & Netlore" includes a permanent collection of hilarious, sad, horrifying, and semi-instructive tales contributed by readers. "Archives on the Web" includes the best web-based collections of urban legends and netlore. "How to Spot an Urban Legend" provides hints and tips for identifying "friend-of-a-friend" tales.

Urban Legends Glossary - Concise definitions of the most commonly used words and phrases in discussions of urban legends and folklore.

CIAC Hoaxbusters

Hoaxbusters - Maintained by the US Department of Energy's Computer Incident Advisory Capability Division (CIAC)

What Are Internet Hoaxes and Chain Letters?

The Risk and Cost of Hoaxes

Recognizing Hoaxes

Recognizing a Chain Letter

Validating a Warning

What to Do When You Receive a Warning

Why People Send Chain Letters and Hoax Messages

History of Internet Hoaxes

CSICOP HoaxWatch

Terrorist Attack HoaxWatch - Although the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of the Paranormal (CSICOP) usually investigates UFOs, they devote a section of their web site to debunking September 11 hoaxes. Sections include: Charity Scams, Nostradamus, Coincindences, Strange Images, Misinformation, Psychics, Fonts & Fools, Bogus Biohazards.

eBay Spoof eMail Tutorial

Spoof Tutorial - A five-part tutorial teaching you how to spot a spoof (fake) email posing as an official eBay or PayPal communication.


Scam-o-Rama - This rather unorthodox web site not only reports on 4-1-9 Advance Fee Frauds, it also attempts to scam the scammers. - A leader in the investigation and reporting of urban legends and hoaxes. In-depth history and analysis. Named one of the 50 best web sites by Time Magazine in 2002.

Symantec -

Latest Virus Threats & Security Advisories -

Virus Encyclopedia & Expanded Threat List -

Expanded Security Advisory List -


QuackWatch - Your guide to health fraud and quackery.

Miscellaneous Resources

Angels Who Have Come Back Safe & Sound - This grassroots site reports on the outcome of missing children reports circulated endlessly through email.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children - This is a national database of missing children.

National Fraud Information Center -

NYC Police Department - - Check out rumors, inspirational stories, virus warnings, humorous tales, pleas for help, urban legends, prayer requests, and calls-to-action to see if they are truth or fiction.

U.S. Secret Service - This particular link is to the Secret Service's Advance Fee Fraud Advisory page.

Software - MacWizard is an Associate and offers the direct link below to virus protection software. Windows users will need to perform a software search using the keyword "virus" once you get to Click the words "Privacy Information" under the Amazon logo to view's privacy policy.







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