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Hoaxes & Myths

Hacked History

Real events inwhich the facts have been altered to fit someone's political or religious agenda.

Click on the title to see the complete hoax text, a description, brief history, reporting date in a new browser window. In many cases, the hoax description site may also include reactions from hoax subjects, an extensive history, and provide links to additional analysis and interviews.


Oliver North Hoax - This hoax claims that North was supposedly involved with Osama Bin Laden, and had fore-knowledge of now historic events. This is a hoax.

Hanoi Jane Warning - This hoax significantly re-writes history making actress Jane Fonda's controversial trip to North Vietnam seem even worse than it really was. This is a hoax.

Hillary Clinton GoldStar Mothers Hoax - This hoax also re-writes history and makes claims that are based on untruths and twisted logic. This is a hoax.

Cindy Williams Warning - Again, history has been re-written - badly. This hoax was based on an actual letter, but few of the facts are correct, and the rest are distorted. The author didn't even get the players right... the star of Laverne & Shirley wasn't the Cindy Williams in the original letter. This is a hoax.

Fuji Deletes Israel From Map Hoax - In this hoax the author gets his facts all screwed up. The altered map apparently was produced, but Fuji didn't have anything to do with it, and is now taking "corrective actions" against the publisher. This is a hoax.

Hillary Clinton Defends Black Panthers - Another re-write of history that has Senator Hillary Clinton and the Acting Head of the U.S. Justice Department, Bill Laun Lee, defending the notorious Black Panthers in the late '60's. This is a hoax. Radio commentator Paul Harvey's name was added after the hoax had circulated for a few years.

Dan White Pleads "Twinkie Defense" - On November 27, 1978 former San Francisco fireman and City Supervisor Dan White murdered Mayor George Moscone and openly gay City Supervisor Harvey Milk in City Hall. The media reported that Mr White was found guilty of manslaughter instead of pre-meditated murder in part due to his diminished capacity from eating Twinkies and junk food... giving rise to the term "Twinkie defense". The media has misrepresented the role Twinkies and junk food played in White's defense. While such reports are not outright hoaxes, they are inaccurate recounts of one of the most notorious periods in San Francisco's history. provides a very interesting report.



MacWizard > Frauds, Scams & Hoaxes Home > Contents & Index > Hoaxes & Myths > Hacked History


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