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Hoaxes & Myths

Truth Gone Wrong

These are stories, news articles, and pleas for help that were at one time real, but have now outlived their truth, or have been grossly mis-stated.

Click on the title to see the complete description, brief history, and reporting date in a new browser window. In many cases, the investigative article may also include reactions from those involved, an extensive history, and provide links to additional analysis and interviews.


Nine Abandoned Puppies Need Homes - This plea for help was distributed to a small number of friends and family of Maria Alvarez of Pasadena California in April of 2003. The "gone wrong" part of this story is, that although all of the puppies had new homes by the end of the next day... the email continues to be posted to message boards and spread via email forwards. Although no contact information is provided in the later forwards of this email, the original did include contact information, and the Alvarez family has received hundreds of phone calls and emails offering help. This email must be retired. has a photo along with their investigative report.

Florida Drivers Can Block Disclosure of Driver's Records - Per a widely distributed email, the State of Florida has enacted the "Driver Privacy Protection Act" which provides motorists with a means of limiting (with certain exceptions) who has access to their motor vehicle and driver license records. HOWEVER, the unofficial email announcing The Act, and circulated throughout Florida contained several outright incorrect and misleading statements, as discussed on Snopes provides links to an online copy of The Act, the "exceptions", and the opt-out form (which only State residents can access).





MacWizard > Frauds, Scams & Hoaxes Home > Contents & Index > Hoaxes & Myths > Truth Gone Wrong


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