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Note to Non-Clients

Non-clients are welcome to submit a request for information if the desired information can not otherwise be found on this site.
Due to time restraints or other circumstances, a personal reply can not be guaranteed... although for those who make a donation we will do our best to find an answer, and pass that information on. **
If we can find an answer to your inquiry, whether we respond to you individually or not, the results will most likely be added to this database within a week (although this is not guaranteed).
** If you've made a donation and we can't find the answer for you within 30 days,
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Note to Hoax Authors

We have received messages from several hoax authors who believe that their creations are valid and should not be listed as hoaxes. There are two types of authors: (a) those who intentionally spread false information for any number of reasons*, and (b) those who believe what they author.

If you have authored a hoax that you know is misleading or completely false, and want to explain why you authored it, we can include a brief comment from you without revealing your identity**, but you will first have to provide some sort of solid proof that you were the originating author, or otherwise convince us of that fact. Contact us

If you have authored one of the items we have catagorized as a hoax, sincerely believe it to be truthful, and want to clarify your position or provide "proof" of the purported hoaxe's validity, please contact us. We are more than happy to consider and present other positions, as long as the proof is presented in a logical and reasonable manner. We can NOT guarantee a change in position or inclusion of your supporting material, however, and we do not intend to engage in a battle of words, ideologies, or political positions. This is not a forum... it is a support site for our clients.

*Possible reasons: revenge, political agenda, religious agenda, prank, financial gain, social gain, etc.
**Police, FBI, ATF, FTC, and FCC warrants excepted. We would rather not be visited by the preceding agencies.


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