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This website has not been updated since 2005. Some sections such as "Pet Poisons & Other Hazards" still contain valuable information, but many links and time-sensitive material on other parts of the site are WAY out of date. Watch for an entirely redesigned and updated PullmanUSA website in early 2010. Click the "Enter PullmanUSA" graphic immediately above the word "NOTICE" to enter the website.


To access the website for SpringWater, a "home share" 1-BR apartment in a private residence in Pullman WA, click the following link...













Last Site Update: 11 / 9 / 05
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Live Strong Yellow Wrist Band Fraud Alert
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Current Conditions @ Pullman WA
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The Current National Threat Advisory Level is...

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Live-Strong Yellow Wrist Band Fraud Alert

LiveStrong wrist bands sold on eBay are FAKE, as are those sold in any online store or brick-n-mortar store not listed below.

Authentic wrist bands are produced in only one color - yellow.
Wrist bands should cost about $1.00 each (although at least one vendor listed below sells individual wrist bands for $2.00 each).
The proceeds from the sale of authenic wrist bands is used to support Cancer research, while the proceeds from the sale of fake wrist bands go to the seller.

These are the ONLY legal distributors of Lance Armstrong's LiveStrong yellow wrist band:

The Lance Armstrong Foundation*

The Discovery Channel Store*

Build-a-Bear Workshop**


*URL Direct to Store or Iterm **General URL to Site Home


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